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CH Biomass was asked to relocate two biomass boilers from a poultry farm in Yorkshire to an industrial site on the west coast of Scotland.  The CH Biomass team disassembled the boilers, flues and fuel feed systems and worked with a specialist contractor to safely transport the boilers and fuel silos equipment overnight to their new home.  The boilers were then reassembled by the team in their new location and over 400 meters of heating pipe installed to heat offices and warehouses.  The works took two weeks to complete.

The boilers were already accredited for the RHI and so, even though they have moved location, they will continue to earn the RHI payments for the remainder of the 20 year duration at the original rate at which it was accredited.

Silo being loaded up.

If you have an RHI accredited boiler and are looking to move it, sell it or looking for a second hand boiler, please get in touch.

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