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Castle Ashby Case Study

Castle Ashby is a historic 10,000 acre estate located just outside of Northampton. The impressive 10,000 acre estate is Home of Lord Compton and includes 35 acres of gardens, a children’s play area, plant centre, tea room and gift shop.

Back in 2014 Lord Compton had a 1MW biomass district heating system installed to provide heat to both the castle and 76 houses and businesses within the village of Castle Ashby. The system runs on woodchip grown locally on the estate with each property connected to a prepay meter and heat interface unit.

In 2016 the estate was keen to consider extending the system to provide heating to additional properties in the village. CH Biomass was brought in to undertake an assessment and detailed review of the existing biomass system.

Over a period of one week the CH Biomass team worked on-site to examine how the existing system could be modified to allow the additional properties to be connected. This included:

  • Analysing existing flow distribution within the district heating system
  • Identifying opportunities for optimising system performance
  • A full review of system balancing and flow rates
  • A review of existing pump capacity and its future potential
  • Identifying opportunities for minimising thermal losses
  • Controls integration for existing properties