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Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for please pick up the phone – we love talking about biomass!


Why should I install a CHP system on my poultry farm?

Most poultry farms have a significant electrical demand which can be met by the CHP unit reducing your operating costs.
Install a biomass CHP system and you can claim a higher RHI tariff. The CHP Tariff has no tier system so the rate can be claimed for over 8000hrs / yr

Can we burn chicken litter on our poultry farm?

Yes. Burning Poultry Litter is no-longer considered to be a waste incineration process and is now classified as a combustion activity. See our Germany Farms Case Study for a perfect example of this (link)

What type of permit do we need to burn chicken litter?

All Poultry litter combustion plants require approval from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (formerly the AHVLA). It is also likely that the farm IPPC permit will need to be varied, which is a requirement for all biomass boiler installations. However the permitting requirement can be site specific – we can help with this process. Please call us for further advice and support.

What are the benefits of burning litter?

Energy Security
Protection from future fuel cost inflation
Security from fluctuating fuel prices
No more fossil fuel deliveries

Additional revenue

Poultry litter combustion systems producing heat only can qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive
CHP schemes qualify for the enhanced RHI CHP tariff as well as the benefiting from Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for the electricity generated.
Ash from poultry litter is a valuable fertilizer

Bird Welfare

Indirect heating systems produce a dry heat, resulting in a lower moisture level in poultry sheds.
Improved crop performance – dryer litter has significant impact on bird welfare and crop performance
Eliminating the CO2 in sheds that is inherent with gas heating


Burning poultry litter is carbon neutral
Helps reduce the Carbon Footprint of a farm
No LPG deliveries

What is the moisture content of chicken litter?

Poultry litter will typically vary from 30% to 55% moisture content.

What is the calorific value of chicken litter?

3.2 kWh per Kilogram at 26% moisture content, roughly the same as wood chips.

What moisture content should chicken litter be in order for it to burn?

The lower the moisture content the better!

Can we burn chicken litter in our existing biomass boiler?

It is very unlikely that this will be possible, the physical characteristics of litter and the permit specification require a boiler and installation which has been specifically designed for the purpose.

What is the typical payback on a biomass installation burning chicken litter?

4-5 years