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Leisure Centre, Mansfield

When a boiler breaks down at a leisure centre then customers are faced with a cold pool and freezing cold showers!

Unfortunately for this local authority leisure centre this heating nightmare was becoming a regular occurrence at their site. However with a proper service and maintenance programme this situation can easily be avoided.

In mid 2016, following issues with the previous supplier and excessive plant breakdowns, CH Biomass were brought in to this site by the ESCO company that owned the two 105kW ETA boilers.

Within a day, the CH Biomass team had conducted a full service of the heating system that included cleaning the fuel store and pressurisation unit to ensure the boilers were operating efficiently

Nowadays thanks to a regular six-month routine maintenance programme plus engineers available on call to support any faults, the customers at the leisure centre have a lot less to complain about – the pool continues to stay warm and the showers are permanently hot!